Why Switch?

Do you remember or hear stories of how customer service used to be?  When the employees at grocery store or the drugstore remembered your name?  Service people that would phone you back when you left a message?  That is what E.Z.ee Pool & Spa does and strives for.  We are not just in the pool business, we want to build a relationship with our customers, help our customers with any problems that they may have with their pools.  We aren’t afraid to say I know someone else who can help you if it is something that is not our expertise.  At E.Z.ee Pool & Spa we want to bring back the real meaning customer service.

I remember when I bought my first house with a pool, I had no idea how to take care of it and went to my local pool store for advice I came home with $200.00 worth of chemicals to fix my green pool.  Well, it was a never ending battle and many trips to the store to keep my pool from becoming GREEN, more money and more chemicals later I was thinking what have I gotten myself into and how long would it be before someone would help me, how was I going to afford to keep this pool going?  Perhaps I could move?  The pool companies were not going to help me that would not benefit their profit margins after all wasn’t that what their business was all about?  At E.Z.ee Pool & Spa we don’t want our customers to feel that way.

 We treat our customers as a neighbor and a friend.  We will call you back if we can’t answer the phone right away, we will call if something happens that we need to reschedule our appointment.  We won’t leave you stranded and make you feel like we are too busy for you.


Give us a call and take care of your pool the E.Z.ee way.