Pool Openings

After being unused throughout those long winters, improper startup of your pool can create damage including liner tearing, pump or filter damage, and cloudy water. We promise professional and reliable pool opening so you can begin enjoying your pool as quickly as possible.

Opening includes:

  1. Remove water off of winter cover, place all equipment at pool.
  2. Install Diving Board ( if required )
  3. Remove Plug & foam Snake at bottom of Skimmer
  4. Install all Plugs onto pump, filter and heater
  5. Install Pressure Gage on Filter ( If outside Only )
  6. Install lines inside heater
  7. Install Lines Auto Chlorinator if required
  8. Install Lines on UV System or Salt System
  9. Install all return Jets
  10. Install and power wash ladders, decks and lights if required
  11. Power wash surrounding pool deck
  12. Add 10L of Liquid Chlorine to Pool water ( In Deep End Only )
  13. Place Water hose in skimmer allow lines to fill
  14. Check for any water leaks
  15. Turn off pump and leave hose running into pool (only if customer is home)
  16. Power wash cover and water bags, fold and place in area of customer choosing
  17. Make note of any problems or defect with system for customer

Pool Closings

Time to get ready for some really cold weather, pool closings should be done carefully to protect your swimming pool equipment from freeze damage. A good pool closing can give you peace of mind, knowing that your pool will be in great shape when spring time pool opening season arrives.

Closing includes:

  1. Lower Water to 1 inch below the Lowest Jet.
  2. Remove all Jets
  3. Remove Diving Board, Ladder and Lights
  4. Place Foam Snake in Bottom Drain in Skimmer and Plug Hole
  5. Remove all items above from Pool Area
  6. Turn on pool pump to drain all water from skimmer
  7. Install Blower at the skimmer return Line
  8. Turn On Blower and blow lines thoroughly
  9. Cap off jets
  10. While blowing lines thoroughly, Remove Plugs from pump
  11. While blowing lines thoroughly, Remove Plug from Filter
  12. Remove Pressure Gage from Filter ( If outside Only )
  13. Remove Plugs from Heater, Remove line inside Heater and turn off Gas
  14. Disconnect Lines and remove from UV System or Salt System, Auto Chlorinator
  15. Disconnect timer activators and Turn Switch Timer Off
  16. Add 10LChlorine to Pool
  17. Fill Water Bags 1/2 Full Only
  18. Install Winter Cover and Bags
  19. Place pool items removed ( Diving Board & Ladders ) in Storage area
  20. Leave yard in orderly manner and ( LOCK GATE When CLOSING )

Weekly Maintenance Program

Swimming pools require regular maintenance and you may not have the time your pool needs to keep it clean and algae-free. Incorrect chemical balance directly causes equipment failure, and quickly!

We can save you time and money. We often hear that maintaining a pool is more expensive and time-consuming than customers anticipated. When your pool equipment is running properly and your pool chemicals are maintained, the overall cost of maintaining a clean pool is much lower. In fact, our customers often see a decrease in the cost of pool supplies.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Education

You have a swimming pool and are not sure how to look after it. What seems like a huge task really is not if you know what you are doing. We can arrange a pool service call to walk you through all the steps of pool maintenance, ensuring that a proactive approach to looking after your pool pays off with reduced maintenance costs, better swimming and increased enjoyment.

Vacation Pool Service

Going on vacation and leaving the pool at home? Relax on your vacation and let us worry about your swimming pool or spa.

When you are away on vacation, your pool will still require care, especially if you plan an extended vacation. Your pool requires maintenance whether or not anyone is swimming in it. An unattended pool will not stay clear and algae-free for long; it needs filtration, sanitization and properly balanced water.

Whether your vacation is one week or a couple of months, we’ll design a customized, affordable service program to maintain your pool while you’re away.

Additional services we provide are:

  • Pool Restoration
  • Sandblasting and Painting
  • Waterline Tiling