C-Pool Mineral Treatment

Save Time and Money while helping the Environment

Are you like me when I first owned a pool? I paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars to pool companies to keep my pool from going green. Fresh water lakes keep free of algae with a natural balance of minerals dissolved in the water. One treatment with C-Pool Minerals gives your water ph-balanced, mineral base defenses. A small amount of C-Pool Minerals added weekly creates a habitat unsuitable for algae growth. Water is crystal clear and softer to your skin.

How does it save you MONEY?

Chlorine or bromine are reduced 50-75%
Hydro costs are reduced, as your pool stays sparkling clear even though you only need to run your pump 2-8 hours a day
Time, as it eliminates daily maintenance and cuts vacuuming by up to 80%

Registered by the Canadian Government as a mineral algaecide C-Pool Mineral Treatment is a highly effective treatment which prevents the growth of algae in swimming pools and spas. This product reduces the amount of chemicals required‚ allows you to reduce pool pump running time and the water in your pool or spa will be friendlier to the environment and to your body.

1 3 kg container of C-Pool Minerals is enough to treat a family size pool for the entire summer. The mineral treatment is environmentally compatible‚ non-toxic‚ non-flammable‚ will not irritate the skin and eyes or have an effect on colour treated hair, no offensive chemical odour!

C-Pool Minerals has been around for 20 years. So why haven’t you heard about it? This product has never been handled by pool dealers and/or pool outlets. Using C-Pool Mineral Treatment vs. the conventional method reduces the amount of chemicals required in your pool water to maintain the recommended basic standard pool care levels, therefore decreasing the projected sales of chemicals.

Call me today and I’ll come test your water and show you how to have an EZEE summer with your Pool.

In-Line UV Light Disinfection System Design

Specifically for Residential and Semi Commercial Swimming Pools

With the introduction of UV disinfection, Pool & Spa customers can now have what is considered by health experts to be the safest and healthiest method of water treatment. UV disinfection is a non chemical method to inactivate micro-organisms in pool and hot tub water. The UV device incorporates a special high energy germicidal UV light that is housed inside a stainless steel reaction chamber.

As water flows through the reaction chamber, any microorganisms that are in the water become exposed to the germicidal light wave which disrupts the germs DNA and prevents reproduction and renders it harmless to humans. When chlorine/bromine is used alone for pool and hot tub disinfection the recommended residual levels are between 3.0 – 5.0 ppm.

When the Trident Series UV System is used as a supplemental disinfection device, lower chlorine/bromine residual levels of between 0.5 – 1.0 ppm can be achieved resulting in an 80% reduction to chemical exposure. The use of the UV has also been proven to effectively lower chloramines in the water greatly reducing exposure to harmful disinfection by-products (DBP’s).

In addition, bathers can be confident knowing that the UV system is killing all the waterborne germs that are now know to be chlorine/bromine resistant.

Please call for more information about UV Light Disinfection System