Tips for Using less Energy on your Pool

No-one would dispute that owning a swimming pool is great, but
running it can be quite costly. Discover how to make your pool more
energy efficient, so you can enjoy it and not worry about the cost too

  1. Invest in energy efficient pumps and motors

    Choosing the right pump for your swimming pool is very important. You
    will probably be surprised to know that in the first year of operation
    a swimming pool pump and motor can consume more energy than their
    initial cost. Bear in mind that you expect your pump to work for
    several years and it becomes obvious that buying a cheaper model that
    is not energy efficient will cost you much more in the long term. So if
    your pump is several years old, replace them with new, more energy
    efficient ones.

  2. Keep your pool clean

    Many pools use automatic devices that operate in your pool when the
    pool is unoccupied. While they help to keep the pool clean when you’re
    not in it, they also are using electricity 24 hours a day. Try to cut
    down how often your automatic cleaning device is run. Also opt for
    using less chlorine, and consider using alternative cleaners like
    C-Pool Mineral. Keeping a cover over your pool when it isn’t occupied
    will also help keep it cleaner from airborne debris, leaves and

  3. Set the right water temperature

    If you use a gas pool heater, it consumes considerably more energy when
    you make your water warmer. Add about 10 percent of energy cost for
    each degree. So by keeping your temperature lower by a few degrees you
    can significantly save money.